Collections are curated lists of prefixes along with a description of what the list is for. For example, there's a collection that lists all of the resources from the review article Sharing biological data: why, when, and how. There's also a collection comprising semantic web prefixes.

New collections can be added in one of the following ways:

Name Size Description
Resources mentioned in "Sharing biological data: why, when, and how" 18 These resources were listed in "Sharing biological data: why, when, and how", which prompted further novel curation of the Bioregistry which included the addition of GenBank, Panorama Public, EMPIAR, and SSBD. It also prompted the curation of mappings to FAIRSharing when possible.
Semantic Web Context 17 Resources used in the semantic web, based on
ChEBI Data Sources 24 The data sources used in xrefs in the ChEBI ontology. More information in the "Data Sources" section of