The Bioregistry is an open source, community curated registry, meta-registry, and compact identifier resolver. Here's what that means:

A collection of metadata about ontologies, controlled vocabularies, and resources. Some other well-known registries are the OBO Foundry,, and the the OLS.
A collection of metadata about registries and mappings between the resources they describe. For example, ChEBI appears in all of the example registries from above. So far, the Bioregistry is the only metaregistry.
A tool for mapping compact identifiers of the form prefix:identifier to HTML and structured content providers. Some other well-known resolvers are and Name-To-Thing.
Open Source
Anyone can suggest or make pull requests to update the underlying database, which is stored in JSON on GitHub where the community can engage in an open review process.
Prefix and Compact Identifier Search
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Here's how to get started with the Bioregistry site: