Conversion between CURIEs and IRIs

The semantic web and ontology communities are bound to the use of IRIs as identifiers and therefore are very interested in the interconversion between compact identifiers (i.e., CURIEs) and IRIs. While the Bioregistry provides many tools for one way conversion from CURIEs to IRIs, there are several related packages that help parse CURIEs from IRIs:

  • The @geneontogy/dbxrefs Node.js package translates CURIEs into URLs using the Gene Ontology Registry.
  • The curie-util-py Python package more generally loads JSON-LD files to convert between IRIs and CURIEs.
  • The BioContext Python package generates URIs from CURIEs based on information from the OBO Registry,, the Gene Ontology Registry, and from the Monarch Initiative. This package makes several assumptions about what the "correct" IRIs are in the "semantic web".