SO-Pharm (Suggested Ontology for Pharmacogenomics) is a domain ontology implemented in OWL-DL, which proposes a formal description of pharmacogenomic knowledge. SO-Pharm articulates different ontologies that represent complementary sub-domains of pharmacogenomics, i.e. related to genotype, phenotype, drugs, and clinical trials. SO-Pharm enables to represent pharmacogenomic relationships between a drug, a genomic variation and a phenotype trait. In addition, it enables to represent patient and more largely panel included in trials, and populations. SO-Pharm enables the representation of measured items on this patients such as results from the observation of a phenotype trait or of genomic variations. SO-Pharm supports knowledge about pharmacogenomic hypothesis, case study, and investigations in pharmacogenomics. SO-Pharm is designed to facilitate data integration and knowledge discovery in pharmacogenomics. In addition it provides a consistent articulation of ontologies of pharmacogenomic sub-domains.

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Adrien Coulet   0000-0002-1466-062X
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Metaregistry Suggested Ontology for Pharmacogenomics

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AberOWL AberOWL logo aberowl SOPHARM
BioContext biocontext SOPHARM
BioPortal BioPortal Prefixes logo bioportal SOPHARM
OBO Foundry OBO Foundry logo obofoundry sopharm
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