The genome assembly database contains detailed information about genome assemblies for eukaryota, bacteria and archaea. The scope of the genome collections database does not extend to viruses, viroids and bacteriophage.

Missing Contact
Pattern for Local Unique Identifiers

Local identifiers in Genome assembly database should match this regular expression:

Example Local Unique Identifier
GCA_000155495.1   Resolve
Pattern for CURIES

Compact URIs (CURIEs) constructed from Genome assembly database should match this regular expression:

Example CURIE
Has Canonical (bioregistry.schema:0000016 )
Metaregistry Genome assembly database

The metaregistry provides mappings between the Bioregistry and other registries. There are 3 mappings to external registries for this resource with 1 unique external prefixes.

Registry Name Registry Metaprefix External Prefix Curate
BioContext biocontext INSDC.GCA logo miriam insdc.gca
N2T Name-to-Thing logo n2t insdc.gca

Providers are various services that resolve CURIEs to URLs. The example CURIE None:GCA_000155495.1 is used to demonstrate the provides available for this resource. Generation of OLS and BioPortal URLs requires additional programmatic logic beyond string formatting.

Name Metaprefix URI
Genome assembly database insdc.gca
Bioregistry bioregistry miriam
Name-to-Thing n2t
National Center for Biotechnology Information Registry ncbi
Extra Providers

Additional providers curated in the Bioregistry are listed here.

Code Name URL
ncbi Genome assembly database NCBI