DASHR reports the annotation, expression and evidence for specific RNA processing (cleavage specificity scores/entropy) of human sncRNA genes, precursor and mature sncRNA products across different human tissues and cell types. DASHR integrates information from multiple existing annotation resources for small non-coding RNAs, including microRNAs (miRNAs), Piwi-interacting (piRNAs), small nuclear (snRNAs), nucleolar (snoRNAs), cytoplasmic (scRNAs), transfer (tRNAs), tRNA fragments (tRFs), and ribosomal RNAs (rRNAs). These datasets were obtained from non-diseased human tissues and cell types and were generated for studying or profiling small non-coding RNAs. This collection references RNA expression.

Missing Contact
Pattern for Local Unique Identifiers

Local identifiers in DASHR expression should match this regular expression:

Example Local Unique Identifier
hsa-mir-200a   Resolve
Pattern for CURIES

Compact URIs (CURIEs) constructed from DASHR expression should match this regular expression:

Example CURIE
Metaregistry DASHR expression

The metaregistry provides mappings between the Bioregistry and other registries. There are 3 mappings to external registries for this resource with 1 unique external prefixes.

Registry Name Registry Metaprefix External Prefix Curate
BioContext biocontext DASHR.EXPRESSION
Identifiers.org Identifiers.org logo miriam dashr.expression
N2T Name-to-Thing logo n2t dashr.expression

A provider turns a local unique identifiers from a resource into a URI. Many providers are also resolvable as URLs (i.e., they can be used in a web browser).

The local unique identifier hsa-mir-200a is used to demonstrate the providers available for DASHR expression. A guide for curating additional providers can be found here.

Name Metaprefix URI
DASHR expression dashr.expression https://dashr1.lisanwanglab.org/entry/hsa-mir-200a#hsa-mir-200a#exprPerTissueTable
Bioregistry bioregistry https://bioregistry.io/dashr.expression:hsa-mir-200a
Identifiers.org miriam https://identifiers.org/dashr.expression:hsa-mir-200a
Name-to-Thing n2t https://n2t.net/dashr.expression:hsa-mir-200a