GenDR is a database of genes associated with dietary restriction (DR). GenDR includes two datasets: 1) genes inferred from experiments in model organisms in which genetic manipulations cancel out or disrupt the life-extending effects of DR; 2) genes robustly altered due to DR, derived from a meta-analysis of microarray DR studies in mammals

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Joao Pedro de Magalhaes   0000-0002-6363-2465
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2   Resolve
Example CURIE
2012 Dissecting the gene network of dietary restriction to identify evolutionarily conserved pathways and new functional genes
Charles Tapley Hoyt   0000-0003-4423-4370   cthoyt
Metaregistry The Dietary Restriction Gene Database

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Registry Name Registry Metaprefix External Prefix Curate
Prefix Commons Prefix Commons logo prefixcommons gendr

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Name Metaprefix URI
The Dietary Restriction Gene Database hagr.gendr
Bioregistry bioregistry
Extra Providers

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bio2rdf Bio2RDF