A translation of the full Galen ontology (from the OpenGALEN project) into the OWL description logic.


I really tried, but could not figure out what GALEN stands for

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Pattern for Local Unique Identifiers
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Example Local Unique Identifier
MagnitudeValueType   Resolve
Pattern for CURIES
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Example CURIE
Metaregistry GALEN

The metaregistry provides mappings between the Bioregistry and other registries. There are 2 mappings to external registries for galen with 1 unique external prefixes.

Registry Name Metaprefix External Prefix
AberOWL aberowl GALEN
BioPortal Prefixes bioportal GALEN

Providers are various services that resolve CURIEs to URLs. The example CURIE galen:MagnitudeValueType is used to demonstrate the provides available for galen. Generation of OLS and BioPortal URLs requires additional programmatic logic beyond string formatting.

Name Metaprefix URI
GALEN galen http://www.co-ode.org/ontologies/galen#MagnitudeValueType
Bioregistry bioregistry https://bioregistry.io/galen:MagnitudeValueType