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DOLCE (Descriptive Ontology for Linguistic and Cognitive Engineering) is a foundational ontology developed as part of the WonderWeb Foundational Ontologies Library (WFOL). The development of this library has been guided by the need of a reliable set of foundational ontologies that can serve as 1) astarting point for building other ontologies, 2) a reference point for easy and rigorous comparisons among different ontological approaches, and 3) a rigorous basis for analyzing, harmonizing and integrating existing ontologies and metadata standards (by manually mapping them into some general module(s) in the library). DOLCE is the first module of WFOL and it is not a candidate for a universal standard ontology. Rather, it is intended as a starting point for comparing and elucidating the relationships with the other modules of the library, and also for clarifying the hidden assumptions underlying existing ontologies or linguistic resources such as WordNet. As reflected by its acronym, DOLCE has a clear cognitive bias, in the sense that it aims at capturing the ontological categories underlying natural language and human commonsense. DOLCE is an ontology that focuses on particulars in the sense that its domain of discourse is restricted to them. The project is complete, though the ontology remains available for use.


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