Registry Comparative Data Analysis Ontology

The Comparative Data Analysis Ontology (CDAO) provides a framework for understanding data in the context of evolutionary-comparative analysis. This comparative approach is used commonly in bioinformatics and other areas of biology to draw inferences from a comparison of differently evolved versions of something, such as differently evolved versions of a protein. In this kind of analysis, the things-to-be-compared typically are classes called 'OTUs' (Operational Taxonomic Units). The OTUs can represent biological species, but also may be drawn from higher or lower in a biological hierarchy, anywhere from molecules to communities. The features to be compared among OTUs are rendered in an entity-attribute-value model sometimes referred to as the 'character-state data model'. For a given character, such as 'beak length', each OTU has a state, such as 'short' or 'long'. The differences between states are understood to emerge by a historical process of evolutionary transitions in state, represented by a model (or rules) of transitions along with a phylogenetic tree. CDAO provides the framework for representing OTUs, trees, transformations, and characters. The representation of characters and transformations may depend on imported ontologies for a specific type of character.

Preferred Prefix
Homepage OWL
Pattern for Local Unique Identifiers
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Example Local Unique Identifier
0000072   Resolve
Pattern for CURIES
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Example CURIE

The metaregistry provides mappings between the Bioregistry and other registries. There are 5 mappings to external registries for cdao.

Registry Name Metaprefix External Prefix
BioPortal Prefixes bioportal CDAO
OBO Foundry obofoundry CDAO
Ontology Lookup Service ols cdao
OntoBee ontobee CDAO
Prefix Commons prefixcommons CDAO

Providers are various services that resolve CURIEs to URLs. The example CURIE cdao:0000072 is used to demonstrate the provides available for cdao. Generation of OLS and BioPortal URLs requires additional programmatic logic beyond string formatting.

Name Metaprefix URI
Comparative Data Analysis Ontology cdao
Bioregistry bioregistry
OBO Foundry obofoundry
Ontology Lookup Service ols
BioPortal Prefixes bioportal