FOAF is a project devoted to linking people and information using the Web. Regardless of whether information is in people's heads, in physical or digital documents, or in the form of factual data, it can be linked. FOAF integrates three kinds of network: social networks of human collaboration, friendship and association; representational networks that describe a simplified view of a cartoon universe in factual terms, and information networks that use Web-based linking to share independently published descriptions of this inter-connected world.

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Example Identifier
familyName   Resolve

The metaregistry provides mappings between the Bioregistry and other registries. There are 3 mappings to external registries for foaf.

Registry Name Metaprefix Metaidentifier
Biolink Model Registry biolink foaf
BioPortal Prefixes bioportal FOAF
Prefix Commons prefixcommons foaf

Providers are various services that resolve CURIEs to URLs. The example CURIE foaf:familyName is used to demonstrate the provides available for foaf. Generation of OLS and BioPortal URLs requires additional programmatic logic beyond string formatting.

Name Metaprefix URL
Friend of a Friend foaf
Bioregistry bioregistry