The metaregistry contains metadata about registries including their names, descriptions, and their various capabilities such as their ability to act as a resolver.

Name Metaprefix Description
AberOWL aberowl AberOWL is a framework for ontology-based access to biological data. It consists of a repository of bio-ontologies, a set of webservices which provide access to OWL(-EL) reasoning over the ontologies, and several frontends which utilise the ontology repository and reasoning services to provide access to specific biological datasets.
AgroPortal agroportal A vocabulary and ontology repository for agronomy and related domains.
Biolink Model Registry biolink A modeling paradigm-specific registry of prefixes and their URL expansions
BioPortal Prefixes bioportal The BioPortal is a less stringent registry of biomedical ontologies than the OBO Foundry
Bioregistry bioregistry The Bioregistry is integrative meta-registry of biological databases, ontologies, and nomenclatures that is backed by an open database.
Cellosaurus Registry cellosaurus The set of prefixes used in the Cellosaurus resource
Crop Ontology Curation Tool cropoct The Crop Ontology (CO) current objective is to compile validated concepts along with their inter-relationships on anatomy, structure and phenotype of Crops, on trait measurement and methods as well as on Germplasm with the multi-crop passport terms
EcoPortal ecoportal The LifeWatch ERIC repository of semantic resources for the ecological domain.
FAIRSharing fairsharing A curated, informative and educational resource on data and metadata standards, inter-related to databases and data policies.
Gene Ontology Registry go A database-specific registry supporting curation in the Gene Ontology miriam The Resolution Service provides consistent access to life science data using Compact Identifiers. Compact Identifiers consist of an assigned unique prefix and a local provider designated accession number (prefix:accession).
Name-to-Thing n2t An ARK resolver as well as resolver built with common prefixes as in
National Center for Biotechnology Information Registry ncbi A database-specific registry supporting curation in the NCBI GenBank and related NCBI resources
OBO Foundry obofoundry The mission of the OBO Foundry is to develop a family of interoperable ontologies that are both logically well-formed and scientifically accurate.
Ontology Lookup Service ols The Ontology Lookup Service (OLS) is a repository for biomedical ontologies that aims to provide a single point of access to the latest ontology versions.
OntoBee ontobee Ontobee is aimed to facilitate ontology data sharing, visualization, query, integration, and analysis.
Prefix Commons prefixcommons A registry of commonly used prefixes in the life sciences and linked data
Scholia scholia A frontend to Wikidata
UniProt Cross-ref database uniprot The cross-references section of UniProtKB entries displays explicit and implicit links to databases such as nucleotide sequence databases, model organism databases and genomics and proteomics resources.
Wikidata Property wikidata An open, community-curated knowledgebase that contains several properties corresponding to resources listed in other biomedical registries.