Registry PANTHER Pathway Component

The PANTHER (Protein ANalysis THrough Evolutionary Relationships) Classification System is a resource that classifies genes by their functions, using published scientific experimental evidence and evolutionary relationships to predict function even in the absence of direct experimental evidence. The PANTHER Pathway Component collection references specific classes of molecules that play the same mechanistic role within a pathway, across species. Pathway components may be proteins, genes/DNA, RNA, or simple molecules. Where the identified component is a protein, DNA, or transcribed RNA, it is associated with protein sequences in the PANTHER protein family trees through manual curation.

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Namespace in Pattern
Example Identifier
P00266   Resolve

The metaregistry provides mappings between the Bioregistry and other registries. There are 3 mappings to external registries for panther.pthcmp.

Registry Name Metaprefix Metaidentifier miriam panther.pthcmp
Name-to-Thing n2t panther.pthcmp
Prefix Commons prefixcommons PANTHER.PTHCMP

Providers are various services that resolve CURIEs to URLs. The example CURIE panther.pthcmp:P00266 is used to demonstrate the provides available for panther.pthcmp. Generation of OLS and BioPortal URLs requires additional programmatic logic beyond string formatting.

Name Metaprefix URL
PANTHER Pathway Component panther.pthcmp
Bioregistry bioregistry miriam
Name-to-Thing n2t